Why activate a Scottish Handball Association Membership? 

As a Scottish Handball Association member, you contribute to the successful delivery of our league & competition programmes as well as our insurance coverage and workforce development programmes. Thank you for your support! 

All handball players in Scotland are required to hold a Scottish Handball Association Membership.  

Benefits of Scottish Handball Association Membership

  • Access to play and develop within Scottish Handball Leagues and Competitions, which can provide the opportunity to play handball at an international level 
  • Covered by the Scottish Handball Association insurance policy (HISCOX) which includes, Professional Indemnity, Public and products & Personal Accident coverage. Members are covered across: 
    • Scottish Handball competitions 
    • National Academy sessions
    • Affiliated Club matches and training 
  • Competitive members receive access to real-time league and competition information through the SHA Playwaze system.
  • Access to personal development programmes such as the Referee Academy 

Types of Membership

  • SHA Senior Membership (Male £30, Female £20)
  • SHA Youth Membership (£20)
  • SHA Mini Membership (£10) 

How to active a membership? 

Playwaze is the membership and competition management system used by Scottish Handball. The app can be downloaded from the App Store. You will need to make an account on the system and then activate your membership. 

Please use the step-by-step guides below to support your registration. Your club will be invoiced for your individual membership. 


                                                       Click: GET SHA MEMBERSHIP 

Activate Membership

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